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PC® Oaxaca Cheese 0.265 g

PC® Oaxaca Cheese 0.265 g

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Introducing Pablo® Oaxaca Cheese - 0.265kg of Pure Mexican Craftsmanship!

Oaxaca Cheese is an artisanal delight crafted exclusively with 100% cow's milk. Every batch is meticulously handmade, as the curd is skillfully stretched into long, silky ribbons, artfully knotted, and gently formed into a perfect ball of cheesy goodness.

What makes it special:

🧀 Slightly salty with a mild flavor profile

🧀 Versatile – shred, thinly slice, grill, or bake

🧀 Crafted with locally sourced cow's milk

🧀 Fresh, unripened perfection

🧀 Rennet-free for a natural touch

Experience the authenticity of Oaxaca in every bite. Elevate your culinary creations with the essence of Mexican craftsmanship. Don't miss out – indulge in the unique flavors of Pablo® Oaxaca Cheese today!

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