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La Costeña

La Costeña® Whole Pinto Beans 528 mL - 2 count

La Costeña® Whole Pinto Beans 528 mL - 2 count

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Enhance your Mexican dishes with the exceptional La Costeña® Whole Pinto Beans. This 528 mL pack comes in a convenient set of 2, offering a plentiful supply of these beans with their smooth texture and delightful flavour. These pinto beans are the perfect companion to elevate your culinary creations, adding a touch of authenticity to your favourite Mexican dishes. Enjoy their versatility as they seamlessly blend with various recipes or stand as a delicious side dish. Embrace the rich heritage and premium quality that La Costeña® brings to every can of Whole Pinto Beans. Elevate your dining experience and bring the taste of Mexico to your table. Try La Costeña® Whole Pinto Beans today and savour the true essence of Mexican cuisine.

Ingredients: Water, Pinto beans, Tomato paste, Salt, Onion, Soybean oil, Jalapeno pepper, and Garlic

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