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Chocosol® Forest Garden Coffee - Three Roast Blend 340g

Chocosol® Forest Garden Coffee - Three Roast Blend 340g

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Introducing Chocosol® Forest Garden Coffee - Three Roast Blend, a harmonious symphony of flavors meticulously crafted through in-house research. This 340g bag embodies the culmination of our exploration into the diverse flavor profiles unlocked by various roasting techniques.

The artful combination of light, medium, and dark roasts results in a uniquely beautiful expression of taste. Fresh and vibrant notes from the light roasts dance in harmony with the deep, bitter chocolate undertones and toffee richness of the dark roasts. The result? A perfect cup that's not just coffee but an experience to kickstart your day on a flavorful note.

Roast: Blend of light, medium, and dark.

Weight per bag: 340g

Grind: Whole bean

Crafted with precision and passion, this Three Roast Blend is a testament to ChocoSol's commitment to delivering a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary. Versatile and balanced, it suits various brewing methods, allowing you to tailor your coffee ritual to your preferences.

Join us on a journey of taste, inspired by the lush forest gardens of Oaxaca. Elevate your coffee moments with Chocosol® Forest Garden Coffee - Three Roast Blend. Order your bag today and savor the complexity of this exceptional blend that unfolds with every sip.

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