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Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita® Cantina Style Corn Tortilla Chips with Tajin 300 gr

Casa Bonita® Cantina Style Corn Tortilla Chips with Tajin 300 gr

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Introducing Casa Bonita® Cantina Style Corn Tortilla Chips with Tajin® – a flavourful fiesta in every bite! Embrace the beloved taste of Mexico, expertly crafted right here in Canada. Casa Bonita® has taken the irresistible combination of tortilla chips and Tajin® seasoning, perfected it, and delivered it to you in a 300g bag of pure snacking delight.

🌶️ A Mexican Classic Meets Canadian Craftsmanship: In Mexico, the marriage of tortilla chips and Tajin seasoning is a culinary tradition cherished by many. After years of savouring this iconic duo, Casa Bonita® decided to take matters into their own hands. Casa Bonita® Cantina Style Corn Tortilla Chips with Tajin are the result of their passion for perfection, bringing together the best Canadian-made chips with the irresistible allure of Tajin®.

🇲🇽 Taste the Essence of Mexico: Transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Mexico with every crunch. Tajin's zesty blend of chili, lime, and sea salt infuses these tortilla chips with an explosion of flavour that's both tangy and spicy, creating a snacking experience like no other.

🍁 Canadian Quality, Mexican Flavour: At Casa Bonita® they are proud to say that these chips are made right here in Canada, using only the finest ingredients. Their commitment to quality ensures that you're getting the best of both worlds – the taste of Mexico and the craftsmanship of Canada.

🌟 Why Choose Casa Bonita?:

  • 0 Trans Fat
  • No Cholesterol
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • 100% Corn Flour
  • Handcrafted & Authentic
  • Made In Canada With Love

Ingredients: Stone ground corn masa flour, water, sunflower oil, Tajin® (chilli peppers, Sea Salt, Lime Juice).

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