• Yucatán

    Land full of history from meteorites to the ancient mayan culture, known for its gigantic pyramids within Chichen-Itza. A place where culture and history meet and tells the story of a great civilization that once inhabited the earth.  The land of citrus flavours and traditional
    dishes like the iconic Cochinita Pibil that will transport you to Mexico as
    soon as you taste it

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  • Sinaloa

    Located in northwestern Mexico with 650 kilometers of a beautiful coastline, it offers beautiful beaches like Mazatlan. It is one of the departure sites to board the Chepe Express train that goes to the majestic Copper Canyon. Predominantly known for seafood gastronomy and of course, the delicious Chilorio, which is a recipe for shredded and flavoured meat with an exceptional taste.

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  • Puebla

    Located in the heart of Mexico, it is considered one of the richest states in nature and historical value. Its capital is a UNESCO. World Heritage Site with different magical towns within its surroundings. Gastronomy is core in Puebla, having as the main representative the Chicken Mole Poblano which is a chocolate-based dish that is simply delicious.

  • Michoacan

    Known as the soul of Mexico and known for its richness in flavours and landscapes. Its traditional cuisine is a world heritage site done by the Purepecha indigenous cooks who have kept their rich and ancient gastronomy alive such as the famous Carnitas, Mexico’s version of pulled pork.

  • Jalisco

    One of the most developed Mexican states in terms of economy, industry, commerce and culture. Land of the charros, mariachis, tequila and ¨Jarabe Tapatio¨. It is the home for the popular Mexican dish Birria and torta ahogada, a shredded meat baguette drowned in a seasoned tomato gravy.

  • Oaxaca

    Known for its traditional Mezcal, its bustling markets, rainbow-coloured colonial architechture that line every cobblestone street, rich history, art galleries and handcrafts. Shares a vast gastronomical offer with other states in Mexico like the delicious Tamales.

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